Music Mastering Services

Music Producer / Engineer A.D. Ross from SoundDaddy Records brings fresh ears and great digital gear to your project, pumping up the volume to an appropriate level depending on the style of music, adding clarity and detail with EQ, multi-band compression, stereo expansion, and spectralized audio enhancement to assure your song sounds great no matter where it’s played.

Single-song mastering = $60

This is if you have a clear finished mix and you want us to master it.  

Full album mastering = $60 / song

To make your songs sound like a cohesive album, A.D. will make each song sound amazing, then concentrate on bringing a consistent level and EQ balance to each track ensuring the album has a smooth flow, with proper spacing.  Post-production tune up is also applied which includes cleaning up or smoothing fade-outs, removing unwanted noises between songs, adjusting the level on songs slightly to improve consistency.

You will be delivered a finalized WAV file along with a high-quality MP3 file for each track.

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